Vineyard Core Values 2017-07-25T13:41:24+00:00


Our values define the “why” for what we do and how we do it. They form our treasure chest of non-negotiables, or the foundations of our structures. They are the standards to which we will hold ourselves accountable, and the blueprint that shapes the outcome of our ministry:

  1. We value a proper approach to the Bible
  2. We value Jesus Christ as the Head and the Holy Spirit as the Administrator of the Church
  3. We value relationships as primary, respecting one another as responsible adults
  4. We value the dignity of the individual balanced by the centrality of family
  5. We value the ministry of the Kingdom of God as healing and mercy
  6. We value an approach to the Christian life that is wholistic, balanced and integrated, where every aspect of life is to be redeemed, restored and integrated around Christ as Lord and King
  7. We value healthy, real reconciliation in Christ between all categories of human individuals and groups who are estranged from one another