Vineyard Distinctives 2017-07-21T10:19:58+00:00


While there is a unique identity in every local Vineyard church, and healthy diversity of style, missional focus and way of pursuing mission, there are distinctives present in every one of our churches, like the strands of DNA that make Vineyard churches into a family. We use the expression: “Vineyard is not something you join – it’s something you discover you are.” The distinctives that will be common among us include:

  1. The Bible being taught as the Word of God with application to daily life.
  2. A focus on and ongoing ministry to the poor, including materially poor, homeless, widows, orphans and divorced people.
  3. A strong outward focus and relevant forms of evangelism being pursued, by presence, proclamation, power and persuasion.
  4. A strong emphasis on healing in all forms, with focus on inviting God’s power, signs and wonders without hype or manipulation.
  5. Small group life for the development of close fellowship, spiritual growth, discipleship and mutual care.
  6. Effective training and equipping of every member of the church to do works of ministry.
  7. Involvement and interaction with other churches to express and further inter-church unity.
  8. Intimate, real and relevant worship through the use of contemporary worship songs, giving and the sacraments.
  9. The encouragement and exercising of spiritual gifts when we are gathered and in the marketplaces of our lives when we are not.
  10. Engagement in missions, domestic & foreign, especially in the form of Church Planting